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Is Workforce Management a Managed Service Provider or Vendor Management System?
No. Workforce Management allows you to set your daily labor plan to ensure that your business can meet production goals while keeping costs low. While Veryable does also provide an on-demand labor marketplace and WFM can track contingent/temp labor along with your full-time workforce, WFM is not a MSP or VMS.
How long is implementation?
Implementation typically consists of four, one hour long meetings over about two weeks to set up your Workforce Management system and train your system administrators and users.

Integrations can take an additional 2 weeks to complete, but typically do not require additional time from users.The Veryable team will work to integrate your systems in the background.
Can I use Workforce Management without integrations?
Yes! All of the data that can be ingested through integrations can be manually uploaded or keyed in by users. While integrations offer a more automated experience, we understand that this solution is not for everyone, so we developed the system such that you can enjoy almost all of the functionality without integrations.
What makes Veryable's Workforce Management Tool Different From Others?
Veryable’s WFM tool is the only Workforce Management tool customized for manufacturing and distribution companies. Whereas other companies have built on top of their payroll and HR systems, our tool was built from the ground up always keeping the production floor in mind.  
Can I use Veryable On-demand labor through Workforce Management?
Yes, if you are located in one of our markets supported by our on-demand labor marketplace. Workforce Management is designed to be seamlessly interoperable with Veryable’s on-demand labor marketplace. Workforce Management allows you to manage your whole workforce, including full-time employees, part-time workers, temp staffing, and on-demand labor so that you have a complete, holistic plan to meet your customers’ demands.

Outside of our on-demand marketplace markets, unfortunately on-demand labor is not available - but we are adding markets all the time!
Do I have to use Veryable on-demand labor with Workforce Management?
No. Workforce Management is a flexible platform to allow you to manage the workforce that you have, whether on-demand labor is part of your workforce or not.
I am concerned about Data Privacy, what do you do to keep my data private?
Veryable is SOC 2 compliant, so we have systems and policies in place to ensure that your data is protected. We will never sell or share your data to 3rd parties without your consent.

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